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The Odessa File First Edition 1972

The Dogs of War First Edition third impression 1974

The Devil’s Alternative Proof Copy 1979

The Fourth Protocol First Edition second impression 1982

No Comebacks First Edition 1982

The Negotiator First Edition 1989

The Deceiver First Edition 1991

Icon First Edition 1996

Frederick Forsyth The Odessa File First Edition 1972

Frederick Forsyth Icon First Edition 1996

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Frederick Forsyth books for sale include The Odessa File first edition 1972, The Dogs of War first edition third impression 1974, The Devil’s Alternative Proof 1979, No Comebacks first edition 1982, The Fourth Protocol first edition second impression 1984, The Negotiator first edition 1989, The Deceiver first edition 1991, and Icon first edition 1996